In support of the debut 12-track release Live for the Moment (BMG), British indie/alternative rock quartet, The Sherlocks, is currently touring the U.S. & Canadian returning in January 2018 for even more shows! With only a handful of dates in select cities (listed below), you’re going to want to check if your market is getting a gig and buy tickets here. For the rest of us, we can further familiarise ourselves with the guys’ new record via this exclusive track-by-track.

01. “Will You Be There”
– Will You Be There is the opening track to the album and it was recorded in wales at Rockfield studios, the interesting thing about this track is that it’s the only tune we did with a producer called Dave Eringa. When we came to working on the album with Gavin Monaghan there was just something about that first version that we said you know what, let’s keep it. It had a special vibe. I think it was a turning point for the band, when we started playing it, we really felt like that was pretty much The Sherlock’s sound, it’s a good tune.

02. “Live For the Moment”
– This tune is like the holy grail for our band, it means everything to us and the reason is because it was the first tune we released as a single and back when we released it we didn’t even class it as a single we just put it out as a song for people to sing to at gigs. Since then it has just stuck with us, and it goes off at gigs. It’s a message, the songs really about the small things in life like appreciating being alive, appreciating the people around you, there’s a lot worse things happening in the world.

03. “Escapade”
– Escapade is basically a song based on when I was at school, and I used to turn up on a Monday and be sat in science overhearing conversations that groups of girls were having about how much they had had to drink over the weekend, I would be sat there thinking there is no way you drank 15 bottles of vodka, so it’s basically about that, about exaggerating. There used to be a nightclub not far from where I used to live called Escapade, so it’s about going out really and those childish girls.

04. “Chasing Shadows”
– “Chasing Shadows”, is a song we tend to finish gigs on, just because it sounds so big. Speaking for all the band I’m sure they would all agree that this was one of the only tunes that sounded great straight away. I showed the guys the chords and the tune before I went on holiday one year and we played it in the practice room and we immediately thought this sounds mega. I wrote the lyrics on holiday, came back, played it a few times and we had it.

05. “Blue”
– Blue is a song of hope and wonder of where your life is heading and where your going to end up. It’s about being at that age where you want to move on but your not sure what to do…and not having any money either. Its a good tune!

06. “Nobody Knows”
– It’s my favourite tune on the album. Just at the point of getting signed, getting management behind us, we started to get a lot of attraction and feedback from fans. Where we live we are very straight talking, people aren’t constantly telling us we are doing brilliant, we get told when we have done a shocking gig and we appreciate that. And as we got bigger we just got more and more people saying great show, great show. We would much prefer constrictive criticism over constant praise. It’s about that, and those people.

07. “Was it Really Worth it?”
– This tune is about falling out with somebody, where you keep trying to get things to work, but they just don’t. In the moment, your trying your best to make it work, when really the other person isn’t doing anything to help resolve the solution. And when you look back you think why did put so much into that. It’s basically about falling out with people as everyone does.

Watch the video for the band’s single “Will You Be There?”.

08. “Turn The Clock?”
– Turn The Clock, is a song that started out without a chorus, and I wrote it while on holiday in Spain, we demoed it with Gavin before we knew we were doing the album, we did a version of it and Gavin told us it needed a chorus, which I went back and added in when I was in Wolverhampton. The songs about breaking up with someone, it’s probably the most honest lyrics on the album. The lyrics are just very direct, it does what it says on the tin.

09. “Last Night”
– Last night is about a bit of attitude, it’s about the morning after the night before, purely about that. I wrote it about one of my mates, we were good mates and used to go out quite a lot together. We were so alike but at the same time so different. When I go out I’m pretty quiet, I like to have a good time, but him on the other hand does it differently, he will ask you “have you seen how that guys is looking at me?” or “what’s he looking at?”. He’s a trouble causer. We gradually drifted apart, I didn’t really like the idea of getting my head kicked in.

10. “Heart of Gold”
– Heart of Gold is a song that changed in the studio quite a bit, it’s been recorded a couple of times, and its just one of those tunes we wanted to beef up. This song really seems to go down at gigs. I think there is a reoccurring pattern here a lot of these songs are about falling out. It was written around the same time as ‘Was It Really Worth It’. It’s the same sort of thing, even though you’re falling out you’re still trying to make something work, it just isn’t going to work, there’s some nice moments in that song, some nice little sonic treats.

11. “Motions”
– Motions, when I think of that night, it takes me back to a drunken night in Rockfields in Wales. It was a completely different tune when we started but when we came to recording it we weren’t really feeling it, it wasn’t exciting us. So, we flipped it around and gave it a kind of rockabilly beat. We recorded everything and left my vocals off for some reason. We ended up having a drink which turning in to a party then the next thing you know we are in the studio and I ended up behind the mic. I was drinking a load of rum and gin throughout the night. So, we did a couple of takes, it wasn’t until the morning till I heard it back and it sounded awful, so we started changing things up but not too much, we wanted to keep the spirit of that night in the song.

12. “Candlelight”
– It’s an observation, seeing someone I know drift away from their friends who just constantly letting them down. I was seeing how it was affecting the other person. When it came to making plans, they would just let the other person down last minute. If you say you’re doing something then do it. It’s about that really. That tune is a monster, there was a couple of tunes that were possible ends for the album, but candlelight just sounds huge, I love that tune. You can hear a bit of everything in it, it’s a beautiful tune. It’s one of the tunes we are most proud of recording.

The Sherlocks’ North American Tour Dates

11/01 – Baby G’s; Toronto, ON
11/03 – Le Ritz; Montreal, QC
11/04 – Sonia’s; Cambridge, MA
11/06 – Baby’s All Right; Brooklyn, NY
11/08 – Boot & Saddle; Philadelphia, PA
11/09 – DC9; Washington, DC
01/16 – The Echo; Los Angeles, CA
01/17 – Brick & Mortar; San Francisco, CA
01/19 – Bunk Bar; Portland, OR
01/20 – The Vera Project; Seattle, WA


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