Colorado black metal band Sar Isatum are dropping another new track called “Black Gate” from new album Shurpu. Since you may not be too familiar with them yet, Sar Isatum create a variation of extreme and atmospheric black metal which is what you’ll quickly notice on their debut.

Commenting on the new song, the band said, “Black Gate’ is one of our simplest songs with a more traditional black metal influence, and different from the other songs on the album. Lyrically ‘Black Gate’ is about a family who is ostracized from their village and then chooses to set up a new home on the edge of forest ruled over by a powerful witch. After kidnapping the family’s baby and using its remains in a ritual to enact flight upon a broom into the full moon, the witch decides to possess the younger children and then the oldest daughter who she aids in the killing of her parents. The oldest daughter then chooses to sign a pact with the Devil joining his coven of witches in the forest. ‘Black Gate’ represents the barrier between the woods and the area outside, and only by joining the Devil’s coven are you allowed to enter freely.”