Making this a busy year by releasing Magic Rites and Spells at it’s start, and now with Sound of the Wind, Psychedelic Witchcraft has finally begun to really turn heads in the classic-style hard rock community. A very classy beginning to their Listenable debut, “Maat” provides a very organic doorway to the swinging Sabbath/Jefferson Airplane-like “Lords of the War”. So much care and attention to tone is made by everyone here, for example guitarist Jacopo Fallai just flexes with ease (God how I’ve sincerely missed a good solo).

The band has grown and this is definitely their most polished effort to date. In regards to Ms. Monti, she has become commanding with her full, lush vocals, as well as proficient in channeling the feel and vibe of yesteryear’s heyday and essence. The sultry “Let Me Be Myself” and blues-drenched “Turn Me On” shows the band’s ease at being effortlessly catchy. Not surprisingly, in the realm of stoner or retro rock these past few years, Italy has been bringing some choice acts to the forefront. The region also already has a lush history of Horror, and it’s on display within the commanding track “The Warrens”, melding both subjects beautifully.

The choice cut here for me is the title track though, which is very ballad-like; I just like the abstract flow of chord changes and lilt behind the melodies – not too much music like that is made anymore, it’s specific and purposed songwriting. “Horizons” seems to be a very sure and strong album closer; at just under the three-minute mark and instrumental, it gives the band a breezy exit that easily beckons to revisit when the mood allows. How hard is it to play good rock nowadays and not seem you’re re-treading? Pretty hard, but not so much for PW thankfully, and more of the same will always be welcome.

Sound of the Wind Track Listing:

01. Maat
02. Lords of the War
03. Wild We Go
04. Sound of the Wind
05. Turn Me On
06. Rising on the Edge
07. The Warrens
08. Sin of Mine
09. Let Me Be Myself
10. Horizons

Run Time: 38:30
Release Date: November 3, 2017

When you have some time, check out the band’s song “Rising On The Edge”.