Lithuania’s hardcore quartet Erdve have released details regarding their new record Vaitojimas which is due out on February 9th. They have also released a stream of the title track as a preview of what’s to come on the album.

Vaitojimas is a dark metallic noisecore type record, reminiscent of the late 1990s. It contains dense slabs of noise-laden riffs which may incite feelings of unease while the hostile vocals punctuate it all.

Regarding the title track, the band commented, “Our debut album’s title-track, ‘Vaitojimas’ is also the very first song that we wrote. The song signifies the core, essence, and attitude of ERDVE and sounds as it is – a pounding statement of primal violence, which is lyrically explained in the context of religious justification.”

Vaitojimas Track Listing:

1. Vaitojimas
2. Išnara
3. Prievarta
4. Apverktis
5. Pilnatvė
6. Atraja