Kroh has grown by leaps and bounds since their first incarnation back in 2011, taking a bit of a brief hiatus and basically mulling over their future. As a matter of fact, mainstay Paul Kenney would have let the band fade into obscurity; it was as if there was something missing that would make everything click.

Then, with a few songs to test their newly revamped line-up, and the release of the Altars album last year, thankfully Kroh has been making seductive headway in the doom-laden landscape. With Pyres, it seems that the group is on the cusp of big things.

Right out of the gate, Oliwia Sobieszek commands proceedings with her lush powerful vocal tones. The band has clearly had time to gel after festival appearances and live gigs, perfecting their thick atmospheric layering; but what else is to be expected when you’re based in Birmingham?

For those of you expect the heaviness, you get it in “Nemertean Girl” and “Rigor Mortis”, though my pick and favorite still is “Moriah”. As a fan, this song takes a bit of liberty in both feeling and arrangement. Until the next release rears it’s sinister head, this is some totally satisfying doom-laden metal from rising stars that should be found in your collection.

Pyres Track Listing:

01. Triumph of Death
02. Rigor Mortis
03. Nemertean Girl
04. Moriah
05. Despair – Resolve

Run Time: 24:53
Release Date: October 13, 2017

Yessir, you can stream the entire EP with just one click of your mouse device.