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JASON BIELER (of Saigon Kick) Shares a Track-by-Track Almost as Artistic as His Recent Self-Titled Album [Exclusive]

Mr. Jason Bieler, founder of ’90s metal act Saigon Kick and runner of Bieler Bros. Records, shares a titillating track-by-track of his new full-length album. WHAT!?



Mr. Jason Bieler is a name many who frequent this site will already know. For those that don’t, he formed the early ’90s metal act Saigon Kick, runs Bieler Bros. Records (SikTh, Karnivool, Skindred), produces, engineers, and makes a butt-load of dope tunes. One might say, he’s busy-as-balls. Well, no rest for the wicked, right?

That’s why Bieler never rests and on October 20th released his new eleven-song self-titled album Jason Bieler. We encourage you to A. check out the album below, B. head over to Bandcamp to find even more fine tunage, C. check out a live show (select dates listed below), and last but certainly not least, D. find out what the man himself had to say about each and every one of his new sonic babies.

Jason was kind enough to preface his track-by-track with these words: “First I think it may be prudent to explain the writing/recording process a bit. I’ve been working in an almost improv fashion for a while now so all of these songs individually were written, recorded, mixed and released within about 24-36 hours. The goal was to write and focus on whatever the opposite is of taking 4 months to craft the perfect pop single. This was about constant writing and trying to sharpen those tools with no concern for anything else…which ironically has started to take on a life of its own.

01. “Keep Calm And Carry On”
– This song was both troubling and simultaneously a lyrical triumph for me. First, I used the phrase “down syndrome smile” to describe the royal family as a metaphor for the elite class and their children with these asinine shit-eating grins and I really hate to think that someone would be hurt by that but in the context of the lyric, it is what and how I wanted to say it and I also hate the idea of modifying as to not offend someone. It’s a pickle I tell ya, but maybe we need to move beyond words and their usage and focus on the intent…”he says gayly.”

Not that this is the height of genius word play but in the song, it means exactly what it means. Second, I don’t think I have ever been more proud of a lyric “a backside so zoftig exploit it like Kanye does.” Yeats nor Hemingway have reached such linguistic heights…

02. “Satellite”
– Really one of the more positive songs, in terms of tone, that I have ever written. Usually I try to create really dark underpinnings and mask them in melody…this song is really exactly what it is…which makes it one of the greatest satanic rock songs of all time, simply by its darkness being non-discernible from the light and blending in undetected. #naughtypop

03. “Disarmed & Disowned”
– This song was inspired by watching a friends life really go off the rails, in every way possible…touch and go for a bit but it all worked out in the end as it usually does, except in the cases where it doesn’t but that my faithful reader, is a different song.

04. “Violent World”
– Again, written while experiencing the world which we live in, which is sadly more violent by the day…but maybe part of a larger self-inflicted evolutionary culling to make way for what comes next. I like to think whatever is next will love me…it makes me get a warm feeling in my tummy.

05. “No Real Goodbyes”
– Ahhh sweet death… a celebration of the scientific fact that energy never dies… but in the end who cares, we are all dead, we will cease to be and regardless of where the energy goes…we are worm food. Enough of my life coaching positivity.

06. “Space Debris”
– This song has a pulsating staccato feel, but to me feels like something I would do if I was asked to score a 70’s game show. Lyrically it is a twisted love song… about how real relationships are about bizarre levels of tolerance and the acceptance of strange behaviors and the ever-present battle between misery and loneliness.

OK, enough procrastinating! Stream Jason Bieler right now!

07. “Led By Voices”
– This song was partially inspired by watching the documentary Beware The Slenderman and the kind of evil pied piper effect, especially on young people from things both real and imagined, that desire to belong to something, anything and how easy it can be manipulate the mind.

08. “Mighty Hammer”
– My version of a traditional blues song. I was actually asked to come up with something for a Ford or Chevy commercial (I forget which)… but I killed its chances by using the lyrics… “never had the finer things.”

09. “Come Up Hitting The Jack”
– I wouldn’t call it a funk track per say, but it has elements of that while still doing whatever “my thang” is. I like to imagine me Paula Abdul and Funky Cat doing a video for this one…sadly the Funky Cat is rumored to have fallen on hard times… Paula is “gettable” though. Someday I will tell you about how Paula’s mom was actually involved in the “Love Is On The Way” video shoot… not now… but someday. Stay in touch.

10. “Broken Bad”
– I wanted to do a guitar instrumental piece that expressed hopelessness and the darkness of true desperation… like falling into a black hole in a strangely peaceful death spiral…kinda like America.

11. “True North”
– My version of an end of the night drunks’ prayer…everyone is slightly over-served and sentimental, heaping all kinds of verbal kindness upon friends and stranger alike…until the room starts spinning and it ends with you in the back of a squad car with vomit on your shirt.. which you can only hope is your own… but that is for the sequel to the song which has a working title of “What Is That Smell & Where Am I.”

Jason Bieler Tour Dates:

12/08 – American Beauty – New York, NY
01/06 – The Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles, CA
01/12 – The Attic Ybor City – Tampa, FL
02/09 – MORC Cruise Pre Party Acoustic Set! @ Magic City Casino – Miami, FL

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