Portland-based Icarus The Owl have a new single called “The Renaissance of Killing Art” from their latest release called Rearm Circuits. This is the band’s fifth album now and the members really put themselves to the test both personally and musically in the recording process. The group happened to be on tour in Paris during the recent terror attacks and they also ended up taking an unplanned seven month hiatus which is kind of where the name Rearm Circuits comes from. “So much has happened to us in the last two years. I am ecstatic that we made it out the other side with what I feel is easily our best record,” commented singer Joey Rubenstein.

“I wrote about the urgency you feel when the proverbial hourglass rears its ugly head and tells you that your time to make art is running out,” Rubenstein explained. “Of course, that’s bullshit and I’ll write music until I die.”