Progressive metal band Dream Theater were in Toronto this past Sunday at The Sony Centre for The Performing Arts. The “Images Words And Beyond Tour” featured a killer three-hour long set! No need for an opening act, as bassist extraordinaire John Myung, guitar wizard John Petrucci, killer keyboardist Jordan Rudeness, powerhouse drummer Mike Mangini, and the Canadian connection vocalist and frontman James LaBrie just tore through song after incredible song.

The crowd seemed absolutely pumped, jumping to their feet with fists in the air from the moment the band stepped on the stage. Singer James Labrie took a patriotic moment and made a shout-out to his hometown of Midland while waving a Canadian flag. The Images Words album is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and the guys are clearly all very proud.

Dream Theatre Set List:
Act 1:
01. The Dark Eternal Light
02. The Bigger Picture
03. Hell’s Kitchen
04. To Live Forever
05. Don’t Look Past Me
06. Portrait Of Tracy
07. As I Am
08. Breaking All Illusions
Act 2:
09. Pull Me Under
10. Another Day
11. Take The Time
12. Surrounded
13. Metropolis Pt. 1; The Miracle And The Sleeper
14. Under A Glass Moon
15. Wait For Sleep
16. Learning To Live
17. A Change Of Seasons: 1 The Crimson Sunrise
18. A Change Of Seasons: 2 Innocence
19. A Change Of Seasons: 3 Carpe Diem
20. A Change Of Seasons; 4 The Darkest Of Winters
21. A Change Of Seasons: 5 Another World
22. A Change Of Seasons: 6 The Inevitable Summer
23. A Change Of Seasons: 7 The Crimson Sunset