Don’t let the quiet piano opener of “Suspended in Animation” fool you, Deity’s self-titled debut record is brutal, exciting and played at a blistering pace. It delivers a smart barrage of quality death metal sounds throughout six of its crushingly heavy tracks, with plenty of melody and flow throughout.

“Beginning of Extinction” is eight-and-a-half minutes of speedy, unadulterated death metal bliss. It’s a stunning track that unfortunately doesn’t get bettered by the rest of the recording. The band’s debut record is great, but nothing quite stands up to the mastery represented by “Beginning of Extinction”. There is plenty to enjoy, however, especially the face-melting guitar work. There truly are some expertly delivered solos here, such as the guest spot from Asher Haroon in “From Which We Came… We Now Return” – another excellent eight-and-a-half minute snarling beast, but one that is entirely instrumental.

Indeed, Deity are at their best with lengthier tracks, filling them with smart musicianship and plenty of crushing brutality. It knows when to be terrifying, when to be melodic and when to throw you straight into the deep end. Take “Of Time” for example. An entirely acoustic number that wouldn’t sound out of place in either Opeth or classic In Flames, but it doesn’t feel like filler, which is especially impressive considering it is over six minutes long. It builds into “Illuminate the Unwilling” perfectly, a brutal, ferocious track. There is a good flow to the record that elevates it over a selection of simple, brutal death metal.

Deity’s debut record is easy to recommend if death metal is your thing. It’s a smart and exciting release from a band with a big future in the scene, if this album is anything to go on. It’s ferocious, smart and full of energy. This album came out of nowhere and will be on repeat in my household for at least a while to come.

Deity Track Listing:

01. Suspended in Animation
02. Beginning of Extinction
03. Sacrificium
04. From Which We Came… We Now Return
05. Rituals
06. Of Time
07. Illuminate the Unwilling
08. In Turmoil

Run Time: 55:48
Release Date: November 10, 2017

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