On November 24, 2017, Celldweller will release Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities. Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities brings together a fan-focused collection of 26 songs, many of which have gone previously unreleased. The album is available for pre-order now. It is a partner release to the debut Celldweller album which is released on the same day on VINYL as a limited edition, 180 gram, electric-blue double LP for the first time.

This new collection of demos/rarities is from Celldweller’s debut self-titled album from 2003. Many of these are previously unreleased or very rare. Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities is a fan-focused album of bonus content – there are multiple versions of songs presented in different formats. Beta Cessions is a collection of demos/rarities and not a full album of originals. Most of these tracks are from 1999-2001. Completionists will enjoy the material presented here.

The Celldweller debut album hit the #17 Billboard Internet Sales Chart and Celldweller’s most popular song “Switchback” has been streamed over 50,000,000 times online across YouTube, Spotify, and other online music streaming services. Beta Cessions contains never-before-heard demo versions of “Switchback “with alternate lyrics.


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