We’re privileged to debut the music video and new single, “The Medium is The Message”, from the extraordinary musician and composer Bart Hendrickson, aka Bartly. Why should you care? Well, other than the fact that the song is just awesome, Bartly is a composer, songwriter, artist and producer with a storied career have written music with and/or for, to name just a few, artists such as Hans Zimmer, Grammy winning band Train, Tarja Turunen, Alice Cooper. Not to mentioned arranged and programmed music for Korn, Good Charlotte, Hollywood Undead, and Trapt plus a ridiculous amount of movies and television like Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2.

The the song’s lyrics and video both center around social media addiction and how modern society sees it as acceptable or normal. Here’s Bartly’s elaboration: “‘The Medium is the Message’ is about thinking for yourself. Really thinking for yourself as opposed to thinking that you are thinking for yourself. Having the ability and courage to unplug from the bullshit of the media (and it is all bullshit folks, just different sides of the same pile) and being able to take getting knocked on your ass for doing so but doing it anyway to become a better person. Its about looking in the mirror with honesty and no filters on what you are seeing and experiencing. It is about thinking about what you are thinking about and adjusting course accordingly. Best of luck. I know you can do it.”


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