Los Angeles’ Zano offers up some dope, dirty, dance rock that’s equal parts fun, catchy, and memorable. Led by the talented multi-instrumentalist, Brandon Zano, the new “Search For Me” single (and accompanying video we’re pleased to premiere) is dedicated to the memory of a slain 21-year old mother, whose murder is still a mystery, 25 years later.

Here’s the story…. On the night of September 25th, 1991, Jennifer Lynn Duffy was brutally stabbed to death inside her little home off Live Oak Street in the sleepy beach town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, around 1:30 am EST, while her infant daughter was sleeping next to her in her bed. After numerous leads, dead-end tips, and countless hours of interviews by federal and local law officials over the years, her murder case remains unsolved.

Former New Smyrna Beach local, and long-time family friend of the Duffy’s, David Kinsler, directed the performance-based music video dedication specifically for the Duffy family, and to help bring awareness back to the city of New Smyrna and Volusia County. Shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, the City of Santa Monica, and in Phoenix, Arizona, Kinsler integrates an 11-year old girl who portrays the emotions of Jennifer’s remembrance, with images (flashes) of Jennifer Lynn Duffy, given to him by her family, and taken a few weeks before she was murdered into the video.

Kinsler, who has worked with artists to include Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots, Filter, and Chevelle, stated:

“I’ll never forget the night I got the call in the early hours of the morning, so many years ago. I was in undergraduate school, over 1200 miles away, and my heart sank. Jennifer was truly an amazing human being – and for decades, my broken heart has bled for her brother, Matthew, her mother, Cathy Wright Duffy, Jennifer’s now grown daughter and all of her close friends. After all these years, and still, with no closure on her case, I simply wanted to try and offer a gift to the Duffy family, Jennifer’s friends, and the City of New Smyrna Beach, with a musical tribute to scream loud and clear, ‘We haven’t forgotten you, Jennifer, and we’re still searching for you.’”

After 25 years, and still no convictions in the ongoing murder case for Jennifer Lynn Duffy, Kinsler teamed up with Zano to release a new single and music video, in dedication to the fallen angel and her family. As of now, the Jennifer Duffy murder case is still considered active within the New Smyrna Beach, Fl., Police Department and viewers with any information are encouraged to call the following local and federal authorities with any information:

New Smyrna Beach Police Department:
1-386-424- 2220

Federal Bureau of Investigation:
1-855-835-5324 (Jennifer Lynn Duffy Case, NSB, Fl.)

Frontman Brandon Zano commented on the song and video as follows:

“This is one of those times as an artist when you get to sit back and truly realize the power of music and personal interpretation. When I wrote that song I was in the middle of a very unique situation in my life – and every inch of it is filled with hope, love, and the hurt you feel when you’ve lost a love or a person that’s irreplaceable. It’s just ironic now that ‘Search For Me’ is going public, and it’s being dedicated to the memory of a girl I never met. Never laid eyes on, but the search for her, and her justice continues on.”


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