Experimenting with elements of prog, djent, funk, and electronic sampling plus featuring his frankenstein 9 string bass, Vvon Dogma I are now streaming their debut EP Communion. This is definitely more accessible than anything Frederick Filiatrault aka ChaotH has done in the past. It’s very much a ‘thinking outside of the box’ type of EP, with many different instruments and musical styles blended together.

Commenting on what his intentions were for the album, Frederick said, “I wanted to feature my freak instrument of a nine-string bass. It is often a Frankenstein of bits and pieces of writing. But I also want people to know it’s not about shredding or anything. I wanted to see how I could apply this weird playing style in a musically accessible venue. My art is song writing plus arranging and the 9 string is only one aspect of it. I find it definitely adds an interesting flavor. Hopefully people will see it for what it is as a whole.”