Well, Friday the 13th at The Opera House in Toronto was one hell of a night as Detroit’s horrorcore duo Twiztid stormed through town with a TON of friends in tow including Michigan rapper Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

Philly Rapper Whitney Peyton, showed us that her fans are her platform… literally. Whitney jumped off the stage then climbed up the hands of waiting fans as if she was climbing stairs. Suddenly, she jumped into the crowd’s arms and continued singing while surfing her way back to the stage. Thanking fans for coming out after the recent Vegas concert shootings, she noted we can’t just stay inside with the crowd repeating “Fuck That Shit!”

Detroit rapper IAMTHEROC, Toronto’s Kotton Kandy, along with her associate the psycho evil clown, and rap duo So Sick Social Club, rounded out the lineup. All that and a bible burning devil, sexy devils prisoner, machete-wielding dude, club-wielding singer, and a guy shooting off the sparkly confetti bazooka on stage.

Also worth noting is that Nos Insidious from Brantford, ON started off the evenings festivities!