THE GLORIOUS SONS Present Their TOP 10 Favourite Places to Eat on Tour [Exclusive]

We’re celebrating the release of the new album Young Beauties and Fools by Kingston, Ontario-based rockers, The Glorious Sons, with a TOP 10 list of their favourite places to eat on tour!



It’s Friday, October 13th and there are only two things you need to care about: 1. that Halloween is coming and 2. that Kingston, Ontario-based rockers, The Glorious Sons, have just released their spooky-good new studio recording, Young Beauties and Fools. Out today via Black Box Recordings (CA), BMG (US/AUS), and Earache Records (UK/JPN) — grab a copy RIGHT HERE — we’re celebrating the album’s with a gnarly list of must-visit restaurants. Thanks to lead singer Brett Emmons, this is (in no particular order) The Glorious Sons’ TOP 10 list of favourite places to eat on tour!

01. Fiore – 250 Hanover Street, Boston, MA
– Boston is Jay’s favourite city in America, and Fiore is his favourite restaurant in Boston. Enough said. I will begin by saying that the staff has been very tolerant of our level of inebriation on multiple occasions (we tend to get excited in Beantown). But other than that Fiore is a wonderful Italian restaurant located in Little Italy. Their specials are fantastic and you literally cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. Sit on the rooftop patio, order a bottle, and enjoy the Boston summer.

02. The Chimes – 3357 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA
– Creole! Creole! Creole! Chimes is located on the main strip in downtown Baton Rouge. We came across this place while looking for a good four pound crawfish dinner. We did not find that, but what we found was our favourite creole haven in the south. From Blackened Alligator to catfish, to good ol’ gumbo, The Chimes serves as a perfect southern experience with wonderful southern hospitality.

03. Mexicali Cocina Cantina – 12161 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA
– We recorded our new album Young Beauties and Fools about a three minute walk away. They are the best fajita’s Koster has ever had, and the portions are gigantic. Served with a sizzle he still remembers, Koster’s been trying to fill the void since we got home.

04. Woodenheads – 192 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON
– It’s our hometown so we may be biased, but We believe this little restaurant could stand up pound for pound against any on this list. Great food and service, as well very fair prices. Look for the Lumpia and Voodoo Shrimp to start, as well as any of there wood fired pizzas.

05. Fernandos Pub – 279 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC
– It’s no secret, we’re huge fans of Mexican food. We played Fernando’s Pub twice while coming up. As part of hospitality for bands they offer you their famous burrito. Served with either steak or chicken, it’s smothered in Monterey Jack cheese and a spicy enchilada sauce. A fantastic young staff, a huge supporter of music and a great burrito. That’s an equation you can’t go wrong with.

06. Edna – 2053 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS
– Everybody loves the east coast. Right next door to the famous Marquee, Edna’s goes the extra mile. A fantastic coastal atmosphere, great service, east coast oysters, and a fresh daily menu to keep you guessing. A fucking plus.

07. Boho – 3433 Main Hwy, Miami, FL
– A Classic Mediterranean restaurant, with wonderful hospitality. The owner greeted Jay on the sidewalk the first time he went, and he’s been hooked ever since. Don’t go to Miami, unless your going to Boho and getting the grilled octopus.

08. Posh – 1063 Fort Street, Victoria, BC
– An amazing take on the Japanese ‘hot pot’ phenomenon. Sadly,while researching for this article we learned that it is no longer open, which makes it a strange recommendation but Koster assures us it was the best meal he’s ever had.
Seated at a table fixed with an element in the middle they heat a giant pot of oil to extreme temperatures, you then throw your own assortment of ingredients into the pot and eat it straight out. Uniquely delicious and deliciously unique!

09. Reel Inn Restaurant – 18661 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA
– This is one of my favourite places on earth. It sits right across the road from the ocean at the foot of the Topanga Valley, yet you’d never know it. I love a restaurant that knows it’s good, and Reel Inn is a perfect example. No bells and whistles, just walk in, take a number, pick a fillet of fish from a large selection, and watch them grill it to perfection in front of your eyes. Plenty of sides, though I don’t remember them, I am still too enamoured with my Ahi Tuna steak.

10. Peg Leg Porker BBQ – 903 Gleaves Street, Nashville, TN
– A hop over the train tracks from The High Watt (a venue we frequently play), PLPB is a modest, and delicious must while we are in Nashville. Similar to the Reel Inn, you walk in and order your meat and sides standing up, and take them to your table to gorge after. They serve a perfect Smoked Brisket and the best pulled pork of all time. There are not enough napkins in this world to make up for this delicious and very messy experience.

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