This Texan quartet is called Oil Boom and their music so happens to have as much punch as their band name! Good thing we can back our wild allegations with an example! Check out the exclusive premiere of the single “Angelo No.9”! With their new studio recording Terribility due out on October 20th via Dreamy Life Records (pre-order that shizz here) it’s a good thing we’ve landed this group on your radar. You’re more than welcome to thank us via email or the comments below.

Oh yeah, now that’ you’re all pumped up on the new psych-leaning rock tune, be sure to also check out the previous single “Earful” which recently debuted via Culture Collide.

Commenting on the “Angelo No.9” single, the band said: “There are a lot of body part idioms in this song. See how many you can count and win a free coupon to the Urgent Care clinic of your choice. Most importantly though, the song title references a short lived 80s niche product called an Aroma Disc Player, which was billed as a “Fragrance Record Diffuser.” Angelo No.9 was the scent geared towards the sophisticated bachelor. In my head it smells like a combination of Brute aftershave, shoe polish and sawdust.”


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