Thursday night and it’s time for “Metal In The City”! We’re at Toronto’s Opera House tonight, with Soulfly, Cannabis Corpse, and Noisem.

Soulfly, who is led by former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera, performed their side project Nailbomb‘s entire 1994 release, Point Blank”. Cannabis Corpse brought a mascot along; a giant “Bud” carrying an equally giant joint while Baltimore’s Noisem was the first act of the night that I saw, they kicked things off with some hair windmill action. Also on the bill was Lody Kong, an Arizona metal band led by Cavaleras’ sons Igor and Zion.

Blinding orange and red strobe lights, with an occasional blast of white, made getting photographs of the bands somewhat challenging to say the very least. Hard work aside, it was a great night of deafening (and blinding) metal!

Soulfly Setlist:

01. Wasting Away
02. Vai Toma No Cu
03. Guerillas
04. Blind And Lost
05. Sum Of Your Achive
06. Cockroaches
07. For Fuck Sake
08. World Of Shit
09. Exploitation
10. Religious Cancer
11. Shit Pinata
12. Sick Life