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We have yet “Another Number” for you thanks to this free song download from female solo artist Mercy Weiss! Mercy is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, currently living in Los Angeles. Her voice is distinctive for its soulful features and she is capable of being both seductively sultry or impish and silly. Last year she released the Mercy EP with collaborator and producer Christopher Pellnat. In addition to her musical endeavors, Mercy is also a visual artist who works in a variety of different media. This is one talented female to say the least!

In the song “Another Number,” Mercy confronts a man who gave her the wrong number. Many questions arise in her mind, such as Was it intentional? An accident? Or was he just messing with her mind? and she poses these in the song. Meanwhile, she begins to get to know the other man who answers when she calls the “wrong number.” Certainly an interesting concept for a song if we do say so ourselves.

Commenting on the track, collaborator Pellnat said, “song is fun and playful, but also somewhat dark: it touches on a fear of rejection, questioning self-worth, and deception. But the singer is basically taunting the man, fully aware that she is in control and that his deception has backfired spectacularly.”


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