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Jonah Matranga Interview: 10 Questions with the Solo Musician and Former FAR Founder

Jonah Matranga may not be a household name, but his influence is deep.



Jonah Matranga may not be a household name, but his influence is deep. Bands such as Deftones cite him and his band Far as a major influence, and he’s put out a wealth of material since Far with projects like Onlinedrawing, New End and Gratitude. We caught up with Jonah ahead of his upcoming show on Tuesday, October 24 at Cherry Colas in Toronto with Moneen side project SEAS and Ensh to see what makes him tick.

Who is your favorite band or musical artist?
Jonah Matranga: Zeppelin.

What is your favorite record of all time?
Matranga: Physical Graffiti.

What is your favorite memory at a Toronto show?
Matranga: The dessert at one of them, this honeycomb ice cream masterpiece.

What is your favorite live show you ever saw?
Matranga: Prince, in Oakland, just a month or so before he died.

What is your biggest non musical influence?
Matranga: My daughter.

Who is your least favorite band or musical artist ever?
Matranga: Haha good one. Um… let’s go with Creed.

What is your favorite book?
Matranga: Knulp.

What is your favorite movie?
Matranga: Apocalypse Now.

What is your favorite drink?
Matranga: Water.

What are your favorite words of wisdom?
Matranga: Breathe deep. Remember you’re an animal, not an identity.

Sample the song “Livin’ Small” today, okay?