European metal quartet Impureza have released a new track called “Abre-Aguas (En La Tormenta de Tlaloc)” that appears on the band’s new record La Caída de Tonatiuh. The song showcases the group’s efficient merging of extreme metal and Latin cultural influences, which includes traditional Spanish, flamenco guitar playing.

Regarding the new track, the band said, “Across the seas, the rain god Tlaloc brought a storm and the navigation got harder. The curse has spread to the ship’s crew and the damned souls of the conquistadors fell into torment. Some suffered dementia, but for most of them, death was their final punishment. The nightmare lasted for days, without any food or water, and the sailors began feeding on the bodies of the dead. Darkness overwhelmed the caravel, and Tlaloc’s arms kept trying to destroy the unsinkable boat. The cannibals ran out of blood. Land is close… Now the conquest can begin!”