All it took was the first few measures of the opening track, “Let The Killings Begin,” and the hardcore Bay Area thrash fan in me was sold, hook, line and sinker! The song is a brash, galloping kick to the face that grabs your attention and, if you are like me, sucks you into the vortex of Nuclear Sunrise.

The rest of the alum continues in similar fashion; to be honest I don’t feel there are any filler tracks here, just well-produced thrash that hearkens back to the old days (think Death Angel and Exodus), while adding a more modern day approach. Razor-sharp riffs slice furiously through the mix providing the perfect recipe for stirring the swirling, sweaty masses in a pit. Jim Settle’s vocals are powerful and commanding and the sick thrashy leads cut through the onslaught like a hot knife through butter.

With just a few exceptions, I feel the true thrash scene has suffered greatly over the years with nothing too fresh, original or ear-catching being released; hopefully things will now change with Hand of Fire leading the charge. Without sounding too cliché, this really is a modern day thrash gem. Nuclear Sunrise has all the necessary ingredients to satisfy the old school metal head in me but remains easily accessible for younger fans well.

Nuclear Sunrise Track Listing:

01. Let The Killings Begin
02. Some Will Say
03. The Prophecy
04. Reap What You Sow
05. Nuclear Sunrise
06. Bleeding Out
07. Burn It Down
08. Walk It Off

Run Time: 32:37
Release Date: November 17, 2017

Check out the band’s video for their single “Fire The Prophecy”