Portland-based indie folk group Shook Twins has released new track “Shake,” that appears on their new EP 2. The EP finds twin sisters Katelyn Shook (vocals, guitar) and Laurie Shook (banjo, vocals) strip down from a full band to just rely on their own devices as a duo.

“We wrote this song four years ago and it’s meaning is even more poignant. It’s about the pending natural disaster of the Cascadia Subduction Zone shifting off the coast of Oregon and causing a catastrophic earthquake that could end us all in the NW,” commented Laurie. “The world is currently overtaken by greed and money and natural disasters. As we wrote this song, we imagined a good hearted couple surviving the disaster, starting over from scratch and rebuilding their lives with their own two hands, and this time greed doesn’t win, and a different world is born. It’s interesting to hear this song so stripped down as just a duo, I think it’s more about the story this way.”