The Toronto, Canadian rock three-piece, Adult Future, are your next favourite form of psychedelic experimentation. Yep, as hypnotic and mind-melting as a good handful of shrooms, this trio’s mix of indie, rock, electronic, psychedelic, and experimental noise pop, is one heck of a trip.

Similarly so, their latest release, The Dufferin Jog, was realised from a “road detour located near the band’s studio in Toronto. For the band, it represented a metaphorical traversing to an extreme point, before one could correct itself and get back to the road upon which one belonged. This idea comes from Hegel’s dialectic of history in that humanity is naturally obliged to go to one extreme or another, before it can self-regulate and balance itself out onto a course of sustainable moderation. In other words, we need that detour: whether it’s Trump, anger or fear – all these sidesteps are necessary to make one realize that it needs to get worse before it gets better.”

See, we told you these guys were a fucking trip. Spin their tunes below and get to know their latest offering by way of this exclusive track-by-track. Words are good.

01. “Gluegun”
– From the onset, we wanted to make a party record. With our heady debut concept album and minimalist sophomore record out of the way, we decided we just wanted to dance for our third. It was inspired by Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s disco bash, “I Feel Love.” The song title came from the day we wrote it, where Brian (our engineer and beatmaster extraordinaire) was installing soundproof paneling in our studio with a glue gun and he somehow managed to get it everywhere but where it needed to be – including my guitar.

02. “Don’t Know What I Mean”
– The record was a typical product of our current times and this concept of fake news really interested/enraged us. There are Trump allusions all over the album and the utter hypocrisy that seemed to dominate the election and the way the American public seemed to buy into it was a dominate theme for us. This song is what happens when we try to sound like Hall and Oates.

03. “Looky Looky”
– This song just builds on the overall theme of selling one’s soul out for egotistical and financial gain. To sell oneself, and for it to be bought by the public en masse like Trump was seemingly able to do really pissed us off. We counteracted this anger with a straight up dance banger of a tune.

04. “Four For Fore”
– You ever encounter a sequence of numbers over and over again in your life where it correlates with a coincidence or some projected meaning? That’s what kept happening during the course of the year while we were making this record. 4:44pm, kept on happening over and over again during these times of peak composition, or stress, or milestones and it really freaked us out. Tell Jay-Z we were on this way before he was.

05. “Strange Candy”
– Drugs. Straight up drugs. We wrote this on Halloween. And during the entirety of this record, we were microdosing on mushrooms. Call us pioneers of psychological clinical research, but it’s no coincidence that microdosing has recently gained widespread popular appeal now. Freud, Ken Kesey, and now us – on the pulse of the counterculture, baby!

06. “Haven’t You Heard”
– Not to be too meta, but we are self-referential all the time. We reference our last record In The News on this one and it symbolizes our consistent fascination with fake news, whatever the hell that is. Legitimacy in the media and what one says has been misconstrued now to the point where my parents are wondering why the story they just read from has an exclusive saying that Hilary Clinton invented AIDS. Also, funny aside, this song was influenced a bit by Blur’s “Girls And Boys.”

07. “Inauguration”
– We wrote this the night of dingle nuts’ inauguration, obviously. We were outraged and confused. How could this have happened? It’s a bit of funk rock hybrid that was not really intentional, but we liked it as soon as we wrote it.

Check out the band’s retro music video for the song “Gluegun”

08. “There’s Always Next Year”
– I love songs in ¾. They just have such a great swing to them when the time signature is in triplets. And I believe this was actually the very first song we wrote after finishing our second album. It was intended as a brief glimmer of hope in a world drowning in a sea of despair and confusion.

09. “The Deception”
– One night we decided to deconstruct one of our favorite 80s songs, “One Thing Leads To Another” by The Fixx. We’ve always been in love with this song because it’s such an understated, yet amazing 80s jam that everyone recognizes as soon as they hear it, but it’s rare that anyone knows who the artist is. We give them full credit on the record and emailed them about it. They never wrote back. But rest assured, if we ever make a dime off the song, there will be correspondence.

10. “Look To The Night Sky”
– The album closer was inspired by the idea that people’s fates can cross in and out of one another. But that we can take comfort in the notion that despite distance, we can look up to that big beautiful moon and share in that commonality of beauty. A piano piece and the image of the moon always seem intertwined to me. You can thank the boss, Debussy, for that one.


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