OK, so before you read on or even stream this album, we’re going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday…. wait, we mean pre-order Beached. Whatever, come in on Sunday too. Why? ‘Cause we’ll be streaming this album all weekend long, mang! Shit, son…

Beached is the debut offering from Toronto alternative surf punks Knifey and, much like the band’s other music, it stabs hard and leaves ya bloody (in the pit – because we’re not violent people… unless at a concert).

Speaking about the recording, the punks got together and passed us this prose: “Beached, is a window into the seemingly endless juggling of relationships and responsibility that is big city living. The songs were meant to be straightforward and honest, and the work’s essence is fun and upbeat. Lyrically, the songs cope with the trials of growing up, the coming and going of relationships, and express a weariness with the city’s hedonistic bar culture. Pervading both the sound and lyrics is a nostalgia for summertime and for the beach, and a reckless optimism that that simpler life might be just around the corner.”


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