“Polly Anna” is the first release of bass driven crunch from Long Island indie folk rock band The Tin Can Collective. The song is off their new album called Skeletown. The song’s lyrics may remind you of young heart ache and loss, but it offers self-discovery and hope.

Frontman John Warren recently described the origins of the song and what Skeletown means to him. “Polly Anna’ is about strong women, in general. The idea of wanting someone to need you, but realizing you do not make or break that person. They are who they are even without you. And that is crushingly sad sometimes, but makes you want them more. The album Skeletown is about being a 20 something year old and coming to terms with the harsh reality of life. finding the courage to be who you are, leave your hometown and navigate through twists and turns, all while coming of age in the 21st century.”