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The Stone Eye – “Young Love” [Free Song Download]

The Stone Eye‘s single “Young Love” is featured as our latest free MP3 download.



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Philly… Home to awesome cheese steaks, delicious soft pretzels and an electrifying alt rock band called The Stone Eye, a group whose single “Young Love” is featured as our latest free download. The band formed in 2014 and combine grunge, stoner rock, progressive rock and shoegaze to make a sound that you will just eat up and demand more of.

They recently released their new album The Meadow which follows up the release of last year’s Poison Apple EP. Our free download happily coincides with the physical release of The Meadow on September 30th.

To put it briefly, The Stone Eye describes the song as, “A straight forward number in the tune of Nirvana and Kyuss.” Okay, that’s all we needed to know.