This evening’s concert by The Fell was one of approximately eight trial run live shows. The Fell, a four-piece band comprised of Anthony De La Torre, Mike Krompass, Randy Cooke and Billy Sheehan, is set to release a debut album of original material in early 2018. All of the songs played this evening sounded excellent, hinting at a record release that rock fans should definitely get excited about. The Fell’s original vocalist Toby Rand had to bow out of the band suddenly, and Mike Krompass brought in Anthony De La Torre, an actor/musician he felt might have what the group needed as a front-man. A move I can confirm as a good one having now seen them live.

Billy Sheehan described this short tour as a chance to shake out their live set in front of an audience. Concerts like this don’t come around all that often – where you can experience a band essentially road-testing their material together. This show was only Anthony De La Torre’s fourth time singing live on stage with The Fell. Not that anyone could really tell that, given how comfortable De La Torre appeared on stage with his band-mates.

The band played nine original songs, a ballsy move given that the only song available anywhere in advance of this tour is the newly released “Footprints” song and accompanying video. There was also an electrifying bass/drum and guitar solo featuring Billy Sheehan, Randy Cooke and Mike Krompass that eventually boiled down into a full-on jam before the band finished up their set with the electrifying “Killswitch” track, easily my favourite song of the evening.

In case some of these names sound familiar to you… Anthony De La Torre (vocals) you may know as young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He is also the drummer in Metallica’s video “Man Unkind” with the cast of Lords of Chaos, in which he plays “Hellhammer”. Mike Krompass and Randy Cooke are both Smashmouth veterans. And Billy Sheehan is the busiest and best bassist in the business (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs). Expect big things from The Fell. Watch for their album debut in early 2018… it will certainly be a good one.

Support tonight was provided by Toronto’s Second Pass, a great local band with excellent original songs and stage presence. Performing all original songs – Second Pass lift from the sounds of mid-seventies classic rock to great effect. Vocalist Veronica McNamee has a wonderful vocal range, with just a hint of raspiness to compare her style to the likes of Janice Joplin and Grace Slick.

The Fell setlist:
Girl Can’t Be Sold

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