Anticipation across the punk rock scene has reached fever pitch as V, the new album from punk rockers The Bronx, is unleashed. It’s been almost four years since the last new material from the band and, with a new drummer pounding out a chaotic beat for the outfit, V is the start of a new chapter for The Bronx.

And, judging by the way the band slam into album opener “Night Drop At The Glue Factory”, fans will find themselves listening to a rejuvenated band who are ready for an all-out war. Trashy, abrasive and as in-your-face as anything from their impressive back catalogue, The Bronx stomp through “Fill The Tanks”, pile on the cool attitude during “Two Birds” and sit just the right side of chaos on the ferocious “Sore Throat”. Frontman Matt Caughthran spits and sneers over a soundtrack of raucous, raw riffs and skin-scraping beats from new boy David Hidalgo Jr. It’s feral stuff from a band who oozes cool and stink of attitude but, if you’ve followed their career thus far, you won’t be expecting anything else from the band.

V is exactly the album fans of the band have been craving for the last four years. It doesn’t disappoint on any level and, judging by the “live” feel of the material, once this band hit the road and unleash these songs in your local shithole, expect a bloody mess. Who from? Well, if the band throw themselves into the live show with even a tenth of the fury that they do on this album, things could get messy on and off the stage. V is a welcome return and a much-needed shot in the arm for not only the punk scene but the rock scene as a whole.

V Track Listing:

01. Night Drop at the Glue Factory
02. Stranger Danger
03. Side Effects
04. Fill the Tanks
05. Channel Islands
06. Two Birds
07. Sore Throat
08. Past Away
09. Cordless Kids
10. Broken Arrow
11. Kingsize

Run Time: 34:36
Release Date: September 22, 2017

Check out “New Birds”


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