Sleep On It has premiered the new song “Window,” the second single from the band’s debut full-length album Overexposed. Sleep On It have shared the stage with artists such as Knuckle Puck, Hit The Lights, and Transit, and performed at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour Chicago date as well as at Riot Fest Denver in 2015 and Riot Fest Chicago in 2015 and 2016.

TJ Horansky explained his inspiration for writing the song, stating; “Window’ was inspired by the passing of my good friend’s mother. This friend is very close to me; we were roommates for seven years. He was always there for me when I was feeling lost, discouraged and heartbroken. When his mom got sick, it happened very quickly. Watching him lose his mom like that put a lot of my problems in to perspective. In a sense, the song is told from different points of view. The first verse is an inward look at how I tend to selfishly preoccupy myself with my own problems. The chorus is from the perspective of losing someone that was a foundation in your life, so much so that they changed the way you looked at the world. That thought is what sparked the analogy of a ‘window.”