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Our latest free song download is “Who Has To Know” from the indie, alternative rock band Lady Electric. Lady Electric hail from… Electric Ladyland? OK, that was a lame reference to Hendrix, but we thought we would give it a shot just to be a little corny. The guys actually come from Toronto, Ontario and encompass a unique alternative sound that five talented musicians are responsible for. The five members are from very different musical backgrounds; from funk and blues to folk and psychedelia. To say the least, this isn’t your typical indie rock act, but something distinctive in a world of knockoffs.

Lady Electric have a debut EP on the way which looks to wield some heavy influence in the Canadian indie scene. Regarding the new track “Who Has To Know,” the group noted, “‘Who Has To Know’ is about the struggle to show people your true colours. In a world where its increasingly easy to mask your identity, it’s harder to accept the qualities that don’t seem beautiful on the surface. Once you’ve been wearing the mask for long enough it becomes very difficult to take it off. The song’s catchy lyrics, and groovy, upbeat rhythm showcases a style of writing that Lady Electric are proud to release.”