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Gene Single is a young, Ukrainian musician and we are pleased to offer you an introduction to his music with this free download of the song “Weak.” Gene made his debut with the 2012 EP Girls of Porn, which he self-released online. It was a very eclectic record, combining genres such as witch house (that one is new to us as well), heavy metal and easy listening electronic. This was followed by 2014’s Cradle My Rock which further explored the topic of the adult film industry. Tornado Dreams is Gene’s most recent album, released earlier this summer. The record is completely personal and depressive, so totally our type of music!

Commenting on the track “Weak,” Gene said, “Weak’ is a metal/witch house crossover song about suppressed hatred and will for revenge for being mistreated in different situations in the past. Never being able to be satisfied. Useless, but being kept alive by the brain mostly silently, but reminding about itself from time to time. About the feeling of ‘I should have acted differently, I should have been stronger.”