Dyscarnate’s latest is about as hard-hitting as it gets. The British death metal bands have hit new heights; With All Their Might is a brutal, exciting record that uses brute force to keep your head banging for over eight mighty tracks.

There’s not a wasted second here. With All Their Might never lets up, it doesn’t give you any rest up until “Nothing Seems Right”, but even this track, although a little slower and more atmospheric than the rest, is brutal as anything. This is an amazingly heavy record. It kicks off with a ring tone level riff that builds excellently into the storming riff of “Of Mice and Mountains”. Dyscarnate’s sound strikes a perfect balance between death metal and industrial metal. Never since Rammstein’s last album have I wanted to punch my thighs in time to the music.

With All Their Might is a chunky, hugely enjoyable record. There are riffs galore, with “This is Fire!”, “Of Mice and Mountains” and “Backbreaker” proving the best of the lot. Tom Whitty and Al Llewellyn have a lot of power in their voices that work alongside the power and hard-hitting nature of the record too. The vocals have more emotion behind them than many other death metal outfits to boot, with plenty of mixture between higher and lower death growls. Indeed, there is plenty to love about With All Their Might. The likes of “Traitors in the Palace” and “Nothing Seems Right” provide more atmospherics than in the rest of the record. “To End All Flesh Before Me”, meanwhile, is a faster, more aggressive track.

Dyscarnate are one of the finest death metal outfits currently going in the UK and With All Their Might demonstrates a group at the top of their game. It’s heavy, hard-hitting and oh so enjoyable. There’s a groove here that isn’t present in so many other death metal bands. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year – strap in and enjoy the ride.

With All Their Might Track Listing:

01. Of Mice and Mountains
02. This is Fire!
03. Iron Strengthens Iron
04. Traitors in the Palace
05. To End All Flesh Before Me
06. Backbreaker
07. All the Devils are Here
08. Nothing Seems Right

Run Time: 39:00
Release Date: September 15, 2017

Check out the video for the single “Iron Strengthens Iron”