In a year awash with releases, this album was hoped to be one of those ’surprise’ gems. Quite the album this is too, as with the Raleigh-based crew’s debut, Leave The Light, this is rock by way of proto-metal done proper. Demon Eye fall under the same stylistic swagger as bands such as Budgie, Witchfinder General, Satan’s Satyrs and Pentagram, but with a very true application to their style, and not just one for show. They seem to have charmed enough people to have expectations; now one asks, did they meet them?

I have to honestly say after listening to this album a few times (and loving it of course), that it takes off after “INFINITE REGRESS” and just soars. Not that “In the Spider’s Eye” or “The Waters and the Wild” are bad at all, just that the guys should have put the first four tracks a little later in the mix. The back-to-back goodness of “Politic Divine”, “Power Of One”, and “Vagabond” can’t be stopped; Demon Eye do rock and roll well. The last track, “Morning’s Son”, is a delight at almost 7 minutes (you hardly notice the time), as well as the preceding narrative-led “Prophecies and Lies”, almost Cirith Ungol-like in tome to these ears.

All in all, Demon Eye is on their way to making their mark and I really hope they get as adventurous as the last two tracks for the next album. They are a cut above most of their like in the ‘occult’ rock pool, but do gleam at having something more to bring to everyone; perhaps even sensational maybe, hope springs. For now, count on Prophecies and Lies to be a solid release that’s sure to grow on at least this reviewer more with each passing listen. The heart and good solid songs here will drive this act nowhere but upward and onward.

Prophecies and Lies Track Listing:

01. The Waters and the Wild
02. In the Spider’s Eye
03. The Redeemer
06. Dying For It
07. Politic Devine
08. Power of One
09. Vagabond
10. Prophecies and Lies
11. Morning’s Son

Run Time: 44:12
Release Date: September 8, 2017

Stream the group’s song “The Waters and the Wild”