Brisbane, Australia’s punk rock trio, Satellites, are about to drop a new album and with it, land squarely on your “must hear this shit” list. The new six-song Black Dog EP (pre-order here) is due out on September 29, 2017, and as such we connected with the gents for a fun TOP 10 article. Featuring vocalist Mitch Chamberlain, bassist Dan Goodwin, and drummer Riley Boyce, the band are no strangers to line-up changes and have humorously listed 10 of their previous members.

01. Benji Adby
– Original guitarist of Satellites, loved to get a good head bob going and brought many unused cans of tuna on tour. Plays in Bukowski. Mad dude.

02. Gerard “Dowlo” Dowling
– Original drummer of Satellites. Can talk about pigeons for days. Mad dude though. Plays in Bukowski.

03. Jordan Olive
– Filled in on numerous shows and a tour as singer/vibe tech. Always a good time, sings in Malibu Stacy and plays guitar for Arrivals. Mad dude.

04. Mickey Thomas
– Original singer of Satellites. Has the best hair you’ll ever see. Mad dude.

05. Shawn Weinert
– Replacement guitarist in Satellites. Played left handed and has the voice of an angel. Plays guitar and sings in Lumens. Mad dude.

06. Nick “Benno” Bennett
– Replacement guitarist in Satellites. Quick to fire out a good pun and could punch a dart in his sleep. Plays in Stepson. Mad manj.

07. Michael Beatson
– Replacement guitarist in Satellites. Also played left handed. Paired up for one show with Shawn. It looked strange. Mad dude though.

08. Matt “Mr. S” Forrester and Brodie Paul
– Current fill in guitarists. Toured in April and have played a handful of other shows as well as appeared in our most recent single video, “Thread”. We can’t thank these guys enough for all their help over the past 6 months. Matt plays guitar in Old Town and Brodie fronts Blind Oracle. So much love for these mad dudes.

09. James “Bassy” (or Mr. Base-y) Karagio…gorgeous
– Fill-in singer for Boizwave festival. Learned the set in a few hours before the show, sang with the lyrics sheet in his hand and introduced the band as “Bassylites“. Sings and plays guitar in Bukowski. Mad dude.

10. Scott Eckel
– Fill-in drummer from early on and went full time shortly after. Sometimes hostile. Now plays in Barker and Feldmann backed rock band, “MAKEOUT“. Satellites’ claim to fame. Yeah, mad dude too, I guess.

Check out the group’s video for their song “Thread”


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