It’s finally here! Budapest, Hungary’s Audionerve has released their new full-length album Burn Your System and we’re premiering the full stream! This recording freaking slays and is going to be a BIG hit for anyone into ’90s or early 2000’s groove metal, or bands the likes of Damage Plan, Machine Head, Korn, Coal Chamber and Threat Signal, among others. The brain child of Greg Hajer, who also plays in Omega Diatribe, Audionerve is much more than just a side project.

Commenting on the album, Hajer noted: “Burn Your System is a true milestone in my life! It’s nothing but a honor for me to feature one of the greatest musicians in the groove metal scene as Nick Oshiro, Kevin Talley, Tomi Schrottner & Andrew Ven-Hun. It means the world to me! I believe that most of you crazy motherfuckers who grew up in this scene will dig this record as hell.”

Andres Vincze on the record: “In my personal, opinion after making music since 1995, this record represent a side of music which was lost for a decade or more and I loved it! I just hope that I can share this whole record on stage live with Greg Hajer and CO, because it is awesome to listen it, but it would be much better to play it live!”

Nick Oshiro about the song “My Own Enemy”: “I can’t believe that I’m doing online drum tracking for musicians all over the world! Greg Hajer’s riff was just out right slammin’. He had that Meshuggah kind of tone. Easy to work with him, the tracks were clean! I had such a good time recording this song. ‘My Own Enemy’ is rocking!”

Kevin Talley about the song’s called “Politpigs”: “The song’s called ‘Politpgis’ is so siiiiiickkkkk!!! Good job dude!”

Tamas Schrottner about the song’s called “Dig Deep”: “We are friends for long time and Greg Hajer called me if I want to make a solo. And I said yes of course. We hang out together quite often, so we just get high together and did the solo in 2 minutes. Check out Greg Hajer’s main band called Omega Diatribe, and of course my band Ektomorf! Hope to see ya all on the road, keep rockin’!”

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