Distinguishing themselves from the masses is extremely important for all musicians trying to make their mark on YouTube. If you’re a musician in a country other than the US, the first thing you must do is unblock YouTube videos, so you can access whatever the general US audience sees, to gain a better idea about your target market. Then, you can focus on the following 4 tips (and others) to grow your fan base on this incredible video streaming platform.

Optimise the description and title of your video
– For you to become popular, it’s important that your target audience is able to find your videos. This can be achieved by optimising your video’s listing, in order to let YouTube know about its relevance with regard to particular searches.

So when someone looks up ‘Pearl Jam cover’ or ‘house-mixes’ on YouTube, the platform uses an algorithm to determine the videos relevant to that search. It’s your video’s description and title that are primarily looked up to ascertain its relevance with regard to that particular search. So if your description or title has any of the searched keywords – ‘Pearl Jam cover’ or ‘house-mixes’ – it may be presented to the viewer.

Another good way to market yourself effectively on YouTube is by collaborating with other musicians willing to engage in cross-promotion efforts. Collaborating with other musicians who make the same kind of music as you, will put you in front of an already receptive audience, better prepared to listen to what you have to offer.

However, keep in mind that such collaborations should ideally be mutually beneficial in nature. You may find it hard to convince someone with 1 million subscribers to collaborate if you only have 1,000. It’s always better to reach out to YouTubers that have same-sized audience as you.

Make playlists
Whenever anyone sees your video and enjoys it, you must make it easy for that person to locate your other videos. You should do all you can to make that viewer continue watching your content. One of the best ways to do this is by making playlists. You should make separate playlists for each album, original songs and/or covers.

Close your videos with a CTA
As no one at YouTube personally watches your videos, there’s no way for the platform to know how good or bad it is! That’s the reason why metrics like the number of subscribers, comments, dislikes and likes are referred to by the platform.

One of the effective ways to improve these metrics is by adding a CTA (call to action) at the end of your video. Herein you must request the viewer to subscribe to your channel, like your video and/or leave a comment. With more and more engagement happening on your videos, YouTube will automatically start pushing them up the search results, or promote them as one of the ‘recommended videos.’

Although there are many other tips and strategies you can use to grow your reach on YouTube, these should be good enough to at least get you started!


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