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Boston’s alternative rock band The Velvet Ants are back and we’re offering you a rad free song download of their new track “Cardigan’s Fable!” So hit download already, will ya? The group previously released Blacklight Press near the end of last year and they recently hit the studio to record a new track, the one we are offering you today. Originally from Washington, DC they’ve released several albums over the last ten years, including several EPs, full-length records, B-Sides and singles.

Commenting on “Cardigan’s Fable,” the guys said, “‘Cardigan’s Fable’ was written for our third album Solt Olio. After moving up to Boston and adding Bing Quiogue and Jonah McBride to the lineup, we knew we had to hold on to this song for live shows. It’s basically about a friendship that went downhill. I’m basically saying ‘do whatever you want, say whatever you want, but you’re still gonna be at fault here.’ If you upset a songwriter enough they’re either gonna write a song about it, or if you really piss them off… they won’t. It’s at least that way for me. Most of that third album is about tumultuous relationships. I won’t get into it too much but it’s all there. Whether it’s a lover, producer, best friend or band mate it’s all there.”

“Sometimes the subconscious narrates your lyrical direction but either way the message is embedded for better or worse. What’s nice about ‘Cardigan’s’ is that it has an energy that works for both electric and acoustic. I actually thought this wouldn’t work in an acoustic setting but I was pleasantly surprised.”