Perfectly timed to coincide with Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of the good ol’ US&A, Montreal, Québec’s bass-heavy trio The Great Russian Empire are back! Yessir, the “2 bass, no guitar” threesome are back and bassier than ever and due to pump out a new six-song EP on September 8, 2017. For some reason, one that flies right over our heads, the album is titled Low Ends and features just under thirty minutes of raucous rock as heavy as Mother Russia’s T-14 Armata tank. Watch the hell out ’cause TGRE are back and screaming their latest war cry “Blood Everywhere”!

A scary man named Ben Forte told us to say that his group’s beginnings are as such: “Revolution brought us bass guitar. Bass guitar brought us The Great Russian Empire.”

He also screamed at us that, “This is the heaviest song on the EP. The lyrics are related to the saturated media of the Dr. Guy Turcotte case, where he killed his two young children. It was everywhere, it almost drove me crazy one night going to bed. The only way I could free myself of the whole thing was putting lyrics to paper.”

Low Ends Track Listing:

01. Full of Blood
02. The Hands That Bring The Road Kill To The Side
03. If Tomorrow Ever Comes (Cop Shoot Cop cover)
04. Blood Everywhere
05. Pig’s Blood
06. The Fence


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