Not only is Tchami‘s Revelations EP suitable for the club life vibe, it also enforces the fact there is much more to his music than just a future house sensibility.

The Paris born DJ uses, for the most part, his own style of house, with dark techno synths and a hard baseline. Notable club tracks on this EP include “World To Me” (feat. Luke James), “Godspell” (feat. Taiki Nulight), and “Don’t Let Me Down” while the latter half is much more chilled-out. Tchami even incorporates the xylophone on this recording, the best example of which is on track four, “Zeal”.

As for closers “Adieu” and “Adieu Part II”, both songs are completely different. The former a quick-paced jaunt that would do well in an intense racing, free roam video game, the latter a very mysterious and adventurous tune. There are pauses in the track with creative synths in the background, allowing your mind to drift into pandemonium.

Overall, Tchami’s new EP is catchy and creative. There was much hype for months about this new recording and it seems to be meeting the expectations of not all, but many.

Revelations EP Track Listing:

01. World To Me (feat. Luke James)
02. Godspell (feat. Taiki Nulight)
03. Don’t Let Me Down
04. Zeal
05. Adieu
06. Adieu, Pt. II

Run Time: 28:44
Release Date: August 25, 2017

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