PVRIS is back, following up 2014’s killer White Noise with All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell. Fueled entirely by PVRIS’s knack for extravagant presentation, the hype surrounding this album has been undeniable. Since announcing AWKOH,AWNOH, PVRIS has released five singles, including three visually stunning videos and two visualettes–each of which featuring soaring hooks and decadent synth fills. Vocalist Lynn Gunnulfsen’s voice is as powerful as ever, delivering line after line of emotionally-charged prose atop the electro-rock soundscape that is AWKOH,AWNOH. It is evident that PVRIS has not lost any momentum since White Noise, and their latest offering serves to solidify the group’s position at the top of the alt-rock scene.

PVRIS uses AWKOH,AWNOH to create a sonic landscape haunted by Gunnulfsen’s own demons, past and present, bookended by the captivating visual aids provided through the videos for “Heaven,” “What’s Wrong,” and “Anyone Else.” At the center of it all, Gunnulfsen’s already phenomenal voice displays a new and exciting level of confidence. If there was any doubt in her vocal prowess before, this album certainly lays it to rest. AWKOH,AWNOH showcases Gunnulfsen’s versatility as a both a singer and songwriter, featuring lyrics that demonstrate maturity, introspection, and acceptance–without sacrificing any of the angst and passion that initially attracted fans to PVRIS.

Listeners will also notice a different texture to AWKOH,AWNOH. Each track contains layers upon layers of guitar, synth, drum loops, effects, and ambient vocals, giving it a depth and grit not heard before from PVRIS. The sheer enormity of the band’s sound on AWKOH,AWNOH is nothing short of breathtaking. Everything about this album’s presentation is mesmerizing; there isn’t a single track that can be skipped without missing a critical detail. As of now, a few of my favorites are “Anyone Else,” “Winter,” and “No Mercy,” but those will certainly flux given time and few more listens.

As with most sophomore releases, there are still some growing pains that can be felt on AWKOH,AWNOH. It occasionally feels like Gunnulfsen’s voice is clouded by ambient noise or drowned in effects, but one can safely assume that this was an intentional stylistic choice. It doesn’t necessarily take away from the album–perhaps even adding to the mystique of AWKOH,AWNOH–but there are still points where it inches dangerously close to excess. However, make no mistake–this is a stellar release. All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell is destined to satisfy long-time fans and promises to catapult PVRIS to a new level of stardom. It’s safe to say that the PVRIS CVLT is about to have a lot more members…

All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell Track Listing:

01. Heaven
02. Half
03. Anyone Else
04. What’s Wrong
05. Walk Alone
06. Same Soul
07. Winter
08. No Mercy
09. Separate
10. Nola 1

Run Time: 43 minutes
Release Date: August 25, 2017

Check out the video for the song “Anyone Else” by PVRIS.