Regina, Saskatchewan’s Planet Eater have now unleashed the entire stream of Blackness From The Stars, their debut full-length album. Planet Eater blend both thrash and death metal with crushing grooves and vocal devastation. You may hear hints of Morbid Angel, Converge and Bolt Thrower with elements of Sepultura, Strapping Young Lad and Gojira embedded at the core of their sound. This band is heavy as hell so if you like that then give this a listen!

Blackness From The Stars Track Listing:

1. The Boats (3:19)
2. Pile of Bones (3:12)
3. Cold Confines (5:09)
4. Lies Evolution (3:24)
5. Suffer What They Must (4:20)
6. Kill On Sight (2:51)
7. A Fault To Fix (3:45)
8. The Spoil (6:21)
9. Blackness From The Stars (5:31)