It is somewhat weird seeing a punk group in the middle of the afternoon as your first act but Beach Slang rocked the crowd with some comical anecdotes from the singer, James Alex.

My favourite new artist of this year, Jain, put on her 200th show at Osheaga and it couldn’t have been better. She sometimes plays with a full band but often times solo, and it’s great to see how she commands the crowd so effortlessly. Her debut album, Zanaka, has been out since 2015 in France but not until now has the spotlight been on the young artist and this could very well be her breakthrough year. Expect more good things to come!

Some other highlights, dancing with an insane crowd during Sofi Tuckker‘s “Drinkee”. Finally getting to see the other Gallagher brother, Liam, who brought his own band to Montreal. It is a nostalgic, warm feeling to finally hear “Wonderwall” live with one massive sing-along.

Seeing Cage the Elephant being good sports and not cancelling their set despite missing two band members. Fan love for hometown giants, Broken Social Scene. Tory Lanez ripping through the crowd during his set filling in for Solange‘s slot and ending the night in sonic bliss with Muse.