Marquis of Vaudeville has announced the release of their new album The Tragic Valentine on Halloween this year. The album was produced by the members of the band and features lots of the “melodic mischief” the band is known for.

Off the forthcoming album, comes “The Dreaming,” a song that depicts the human desire to find the love of one’s life veiled behind a telling of The Sandman. The band commented, “Picture two people, thousands of miles apart, staring up at the stars in the night sky and dreaming of finding one another, but never having met. Each knows the other is out there – but how to find them? This song is also a nod to the work of author Neil Gaiman and his series, The Sandman, which deals with bright-eyed Morpheus, creator and keeper of dreams, and his realm, The Dreaming, where all dreams dwell.”