Houston-based band Omotai has released a new single titled “Last of the Green Vial” from their new album A Ruined Oak. The band deliver unrelenting dosages of charged up riffs, pummeling low-end thunder and infectious hooks. The lyrics are haunted by loss and violence and this album shows a greater range than anything the group has done previously. A Ruined Oak was recorded by Chris Ryan at Dead City Sound and mastered by James Plotkin.

Commenting on the new single, the band said, “A sense of unrelieved tension is a common feeling on this record, but ‘Last Of The Green Vial’ is also meant to convey a sense of tragedy and inevitability. The name comes from the ambitious and egoistic admiral of the fleet that brought settlers to Roanoke Island, Sir Richard Grenville, who notoriously had the native village of Aquascogoc burned over a drinking cup. The narrator of the song is a kind of ghost, cognizant of the impending fate of the people he’s watching, but unable to protect them or prevent future events. Because of the subject matter of the song, we tried to give the chorus sort of a ‘black metal’ feel. The best part of that is Melissa’s bass playing; hearing it in the studio while she was tracking it, we were blown away by the precision and weight that she was able to bring to the section.”