Baltimore, Maryland pop punkers, Face Value, issued their new six-track EP Thick As Thieves about a year ago and we’re celebrating the milestone by sharing the band’s kick-ass TOP 10 list of the best things to do in their hometown of Baltimore.

01. The Historic and Euphoric Fell’s Point
Fell’s Point is absolutely one of my favorite places to be in Baltimore. You’re close to the bay, you get to walk along cobblestone roads, and of course, All Time Low wrote a song about it. There’s plenty to do here whether you’re a drinker, a foody, or a history buff. It is home to Sticky Rice, the Rockwell (co-owned by Jack Barakat) and the Horse You Came In On, which happen to be some of my favorite bars in the city. I’ve had plenty a night to remember…and forget here. If you’re in Baltimore I’d highly encourage you to check it out. – Alec Myers

02. Creaky Freak Fort Armistead
– If you’re in to low budget horror flicks or reality Ghost Hunter shows (…or the History Chanel at all these days) Fort Armistead is right up your alley. Originally a US coast defense battery, the fort now is a den of iniquity. Superstition and illicit activities fill the dark and winding halls of this now, Baltimore City Park. Travel far enough through these desolate tunnels and you may be stumble upon some gloomy galleries of graffiti. Face Value has a soft spot in our heart for this place due to having band promo pictures taken here, and with that said, it is an awesome place to explore for any aspiring photographer. If Paranormal Activity is not your forte, this park also includes a pier, beach and an awesome view of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. They say a certain secret underwater passageway could also lead to the mysterious Fort Carroll Island located in the middle of Patapsco River. – Alec Myers

03. The Inner Harbor
– Shops, restaurants, concert venues, brick sidewalks; the inner harbor has a reputation nation-wide for being one of the go-to places in Maryland. On one side you have the Maryland Science Center (Calling all nerds, Assemble!). On the other side you will find Pier Six Pavillion and the Hard Rock Cafe. Just north you can find Rams Head Live (filled with bars and concert venues for drink and music lovers alike). Just make sure NOT to jump into the harbor itself, the water is a teeeeeny bit questionable. – Grayson Ross

04. The Overmodest Ottobar
– If you ever find yourself near North Howard Street with an itch to jam to what they call “sub-mainstream” tunes, this is the place. Although living in the shadows of venues such as Pier six, Rams Head, and Soundstage; The Ottobar has some of the best-sounding live production equipment around as well as passionate sound people and bartenders. I have personally seen some of the best shows of my life here. Whether it was Title Fight, Man Overboard, Close to Home, or some local buddies, I have always had a great time. The bottom floor contains the main stage, a balcony viewing area, and a bar. The top area is another bar which includes pool tables and its own events. The property also boasts a free parking lot, which is worth its weight in gold in my book. – Alec Myers

05. Crabs and Natty’s
– If there’s one thing Maryland is known for, it’s CRABS (and not the kind that stick around for a while). There’s nothing like unrolling some newspaper, bringing out the mallets, popping some fresh Natty Boh‘s, and picking away at some steamed crabs on a hot summer day, generously covered in Old Bay seasoning, of course (Baltimorons, I mean, Baltimorians practically live for this stuff). Those who haven’t experienced Maryland crabs don’t know what they’re missing. If you have the time and the appetite, this is a must for seafood lovers and tourists alike. – Jeremiah Douglas

06. The Aquarium
– There’s nothing better than admiring the beauty of all the little critters that inhabit the oceans of this 3rd rock from the sun. And a lot of those critters are chillin’ at the National Aquarium in Balimore’s inner harbor! They got sharks, fishies, coral, squids, octopuses, coral, little whale things… did I mention they have coral? Tourists and locals alike love making splashes at this aquatic Baltimore landmark (puns are fun). – Parker Ross

07. Bottom Road and Cover Bridge
– Travel 20 minutes north of Baltimore and you’ll find a quaint little town; Kingsville, MD (home of Alec Myers, frontman of Face Value). If you’re into spooky scenery, look no further than Cover Bridge and Bottom Road. Drive onto the bridge at night, turn off the car, and see what happens. Legend says you’ll see anything from hanging bodies to ghostly figures in the rearview mirror. Maybe the car won’t even turn on again… If you make it out alive, take Sunshine Avenue further north and you’ll happen upon a route into a dark and eerie forest… Bottom Road. Twists and turns lead you deeper into an abyss of darkness and randomly scattered houses that will make you think, “where the fuck do these people go grocery shopping?” If you don’t get lost or killed by the heathens that roam this wasteland, there lies a neighborhood littered with million-dollar mansions that are a spectacle for anyone who wants to be reminded how awesome it would be to be filthy stinkin’ rich. – Grayson Ross

08. Serpico’s Pizza
– Ever heard of spaghetti pizza? Picture this… a base layer of pizza crust, then comes spaghetti mixed with cheese and sauce, and finally a pie-like decoration of pizza crust sprinkled with oregano and parmesan cheese. Don’t forget the side of marina sauce for dipping. If you want a food-gasm, find Serpico‘s in Perry Hall, MD. This 1lb slice of heaven will knock you the f*** out and have you coming back for more the next day, and the next day, and the next day… and… uuhhhhhhhh I think I’m going to hurl. – Parker Ross

09. Camden Yards
– Arguably the most famous ballpark ever built, Oriole Park at Camden Yards is something any artist can appreciate. The park boasts an architecture and aesthetic unlike any other of its time. Many have been built in its wake, finding inspiration from its iconic brick scenery. But none compare to this historic stadium. They also shoot off fireworks here sometimes too. Explosions are cool. – Jeremiah Douglas

09. Beaver Dam
– Head out to Cockeysville, MD and you’ll find a local hot spot for swimming and fun hangs. Allegedly, this used to be a quarry and when water was accidentally struck during digging, they had to abandon the equipment and leave it behind as water quickly filled the gaping hole in the earth. Now, you can see visitors jumping off large diving boards, giant floats, a Tarzan swing, and much more if you go on a hot summer day. Definitely one of Baltimore’s hidden gems in terms of fun and debauchery! – Jeremiah Douglas

Check out the music video for the song “Eff Sharp”


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