Contrary to common folklore, the massasauga rattlesnake has nothing to do with the Ontario, Canada city of Mississauga. In fact the two have nothing to do with one another. Well, actually, the massasauga rattlesnake species is commonly found in the midwestern North America from southern Ontario all the way down to northern Mexico… so, there’s that. Anyhoo… Much like said serpent, the in-this-case ironically titled band Empty Threat (yes, they are indeed from Mississauga) are full of piss and vinegar, and today we’re premiering their venomous new single “Out of Sync”!

The alternative foursome are shaping up nicely and are readying their debut EP Shutdown Nowhere for an October 6th release. Aiming for the top and nothing else, the guys enlisted the Glen Robinson – ward winning producer, engineer and mixer (The Ramones, AC/DC, GWAR, Annihilator, Voivod) to punch out this release which you’ll eventually be able to grab at Bandcamp.

Speaking of the single vocalist and guitarist Michael Roane commented:

“We are a young band, developing our style and pushing forward to provide a new sound experience. Most of the songs we have been working on for years – and have been through multiple edits and versions. This will be our first, legitimate attempt to introduce ourselves to the world – so we hope that fans will hear our songs and feel a slight familiarity to the genre, but will appreciate the unique touch we put in our songs – as we combine elements from multiple genres and use our effects to put a different perspective on old ideas. We also want people to know first and foremost our band is about creating passionate music that may resonate with other people. On the surface, we make music that has a carefully crafted intensity – like a chained beast tugging at the leash. For those who want to dig deeper, they see how this sound represents us, as people, and our struggles to reach our potential. We connect with our fans through these shared emotions.”


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