Denver’s Crafteon have released a stream of their latest track “Dageon” from their debut album Cosmic Reawakening. The band was conceived of by singer and guitarist Lord Mordiggian who was inspired to create an album influenced by his favourite author H.P. Lovecraft. The eight tracks on the release are based on classic H.P. Lovecraft tales such as ‘The Outsider,’ ‘Dagon’ and ‘From Beyond.’

Lord Mordiggian commented, “This track is based on Lovecraft’s tale of the same name, in which a deranged veteran submarine crewman is driven to a morphine overdose, throwing himself from his apartment window when he cannot obliterate from his memory a horrifying encounter with an ancient, cyclopean creature. This track reflects the human incapacity for surviving the black gnosis–the maddening knowledge of that which should not be known. “Dagon” showcases Crafteon’s style through its aggressive riffing, atmospheric passages, and manic vocals.”