Toronto rapper Cadence Weapon just doesn’t want you to talk to him ok? So maybe you should listen to his new stream for “Don’t Talk To Me.” For this new track, Cadence, links with Toronto producer, FrancisGotHeat, (Roy Woods, Bryson Tiller, Drake) for a mellow yet refined sound. If you don’t have any value, just stay the hell away, ok?

“The song is inspired by my experiences navigating the rap scene over the years,” Cadence commented. “Since my last album, I’ve matured a lot, refined my music and surrounded myself with people who have my best interests in mind. It’s about refocusing my energy and flipping the script to the next page of my career. There’s a restorative element to this song. ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ means ‘don’t talk to me unless it’s something productive.’ That’s all I care about.”