The awesome event that was the Whores, Wrong, and Bummer tour that took place between May and June of this year, was everything you’d hope it was. If you missed out, the glory that was can only be words; all bands delivered and each and every tour stop was just levelled. During the Toronto assault, PureGrainAudio hung around afterwards with the ever-endearing guitarist/vocalist Christian Lembach to talk about the latest album Gold (October 28, 2016 via eOne), touring, gauging the music biz today, and soft spots for vinyl.

And welcome to Toronto!
Christian Lembach: Thanks, man!

Been into you guys since Ruiner (their first album), but I’ve honestly had no idea if this is your first time….
Lembach: This is our second time.

Who did you come with before?
Lembach: We were here with a band from San Diego/LA called Retox; they’re our homies, they’re a great band, yeah.

How long have you been on the road so far, just over a week?
Lembach: Yeah, it’s been just a little over a week, guess we started on May 12th, so almost two weeks actually.

So it’s going on for about a month
Lembach: About a month, May 12th through until June 13th or 14th, something like that.

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Any glitches been encountered so far? It’s been a nutty week for everybody.
Lembach: Nothing crazy, but I mean when we got here there was a situation in front of the venue where there was some domestic violence or something; and some guy was like, on the roof of one of the buildings. They had to get a fire truck and a ladder, and bring him down in a Hannibal Lecter gurney-type situation, so that was weird!

You know something, for Kensington, that’s kind of par for the course. I actually worked at the club previously here for some years, we actually had to stay inside for 3 hours once as someone got shot outside the load-in door.
Lembach: Wow yeah, I didn’t think there were any guns in Canada?

(laughs) Well Toronto, has been a bit of an odd bird for that type of thing, but how do guys find it anyway?
Lembach: Oh it’s great, I love Canada, man. It’s awesome!

What other dates are you going to be hitting besides Toronto?
Lembach: Just Toronto, we’re going right back to the States tomorrow. We’re going to Detroit tomorrow night, then through the Midwest, up on through the Pacific Northwest; West Coast; Texas; Midwest again, then we’re home.

That’s alright, sounds like a pretty good haul, and that’s like the beginning of the summer; not-too-crazy weather hitting you guys up the road or anything.
Lembach: Last time we were here it was February it was gnarly; it was super gnarly! A lot of snow.

Then yet again this year has just been odd, we’ve been getting wet and a lot more wind than anything.
Lembach: That’s alright (laughs) we’re fine, we’re fine with that.

How’s reception to (their latest) Gold been going so far, man?
Lembach: It’s good, it’s good; it’s kind of exceeded expectations… I mean, superlatives, you want to say that they don’t mean a lot, but it’s nice when you get recognized. Some well-respected media outlets have given us some praise, and it’s nice; I can’t pretend like it isn’t.

Do you think the video (for “I See You Are Also Wearing A Black T-Shirt”, off Gold) has helped with that as well?
Lembach: Hmmm, I don’t know… I mean it’s the first kind of pro video we’ve done. I would assume so, but there’s really no way to gauge that stuff, I never can tell. Like, we’ll play a festival or show to just thousands and thousands and thousands of people, and I think, “I wonder how that’s helping our band?” Then we’ll play a show the next night and it’s like four people (smiles). So I don’t really know how to gauge it.

It’s weird, kind of like here in T.O.
Lembach: We just keep going, you know? We just keep going.

I guess that’s pretty much it, but seriously it’s a good buzz. I’ve heard more people talk about you in a month and a half than probably in the last year and a half.
Lembach: That’s good. You could feel it in the room during the show, man. You could feel the energy; you feel it happening.

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T.O. is a bit weird again for that; people like to “test” the waters sometimes. Even the people who work or whatever are all “Aw, I wanted to come and check them out”; their friends will be like, “You lost out big.”
Lembach: (laughs) Yeah right, right! They go, “What happened?” and you just go “Aahhh!….”, like you know some shit’s gone down! It’s okay we’ll get them next time; we’ll come next time.

Truth, there’s always next time. Thanks very much for your time, W.
Lembach: Awesome, thanks for having us.

Grabbed up your albums as well. As usual, I hit the store and have no dough, or luck sometimes when I see things I want. I’m like, maybe when the band comes I’ll get lucky.
Lembach: That’s awesome man, yeah we try to keep pressing them.

I’m glad small bands are bringing vinyl.
Lembach: For sure, it’s all I would buy. So I just try to think that way: “If I liked your band, what would I want?” Dope colored vinyl, y’know what I mean? (laughs)

That’s beautiful! Thanks again.