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The One Hundred Interview with Vocalist Jacob Field on New Album ‘Chaos & Bliss’, Alice Cooper and Michael Bolton

Crossover metallers The One Hundred dropped their new album Chaos & Bliss via Spinefarm Records on June 2nd. Vocalist Jacob Field spoke about the new album, touring with Alice Cooper, the band’s love for Michael Bolton, and more.



London, England’s crossover metallers The One Hundred dropped their new studio recording Chaos & Bliss via Spinefarm Records on June 2nd (purchase your copy here). The band, whose sound combines elements of metal, punk, grime rap and electronics (just to name a few), has been touring Europe and the U.K. over the past three years. Recently, we talked connected with vocalist Jacob Field and spoke about the new album, touring with Alice Cooper, the band’s love for Michael Bolton, and their newest video for the song “Monster”.

For those not familiar with the band, tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Jacob Field: We are The One Hundred. The greatest new boy band to grace the rock scene.

It’s been three years since Subculture. What have you guys been up to?
Field: We were flat out in the studio writing and recording for Chaos & Bliss, so a lot of our time was used to create and write for the album and when we were available we were out touring. We had some rad tours, Alice Cooper and Motley Crue was ridiculously fun, playing in front of massive crowds is always dope. We did some big UK tours which went over to Europe too which is always great. Had some festival appearances at Reading / Leeds, two Downloads and some other smaller festivals. All in all we’ve been pretty busy!

Chaos & Bliss was just released. What has been the response so far?
Field: Really positive which is always good. I mean people on Twitter aren’t going to @ us to be negative so we assume it’s positive, ha! All the reviews from magazines and independent journalists have all been really good which we’re really pleased at! We put a lot into our debut and I think people have noticed that. We all worked so hard to create such a dynamic and unique sound. The production is amazing and we’re super pleased with it.

Tell us about the recording process for the new album.
Field: It wasn’t stressful, which is 90% of why albums get rushed or you regret certain decisions. Our producers understand our sound and how we we’re trying to capture our live sound and translate that into a studio record. Our music is more than just a guitar with some track, everything had a purpose, every sound and section was thought about into so much depth. We all became so familiar with how to write and adapt the songs it almost became second nature to progress from the demos to the final mixes you all hear.

Tell us about the new video for “Monster”.
Field: We wanted a reason for people to go back to video rather than just streaming the song. We feel we achieved this, we were so pleased with the outcome. Rich from Dark Fable Media is a genius. We were on the same page throughout and shared a similar vision. He put all of our thoughts into a reality, the guy is a whiz kid. It was a long two days, but everyone hard the same work ethic and it paid off!

You guys have been touring a lot. Tell us about one of your more memorable shows.
Field: I think when we walked out at the arena shows on the Motley Crue tour… It was genuinely the most amazing and bizarre moment in our lives. Playing to 22,000 people that are into classic rock, when you’re this hybrid of a thousand sounds was an experience I’ll never forget. Super lucky, super fun.

What’s next? Can we expect another tour?
Field: Absolutely, now the albums out, hopefully bigger things to come.

Anything else we should know?
Field: I wish I could unleash a really cool fact about the band which would interest people or I could use this question to tell people to listen to our album… but did you know The One Hundred are fond fans of Michael Bolton?

With it’s June 2 release date, Chaos & Bliss has been out for less than a month and response so far has been great. Check out the band’s creepily awesome newest video for Monster.

Check out the band’s video for their song “Monster”